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It all started when...

I accepted the fact that I have more to offer the world. I have tried many things but I always come back around to the fact that I love fashion, beauty and fitness. I want to share everything about me in one place. So I have decided to post more personal opinions and happenings here on my blog. Right where you can find me!

No one should limit themselves from doing the things they love to do. We all have the responsibility to live our lives to the fullest this responsibility belongs to no one else. Please going me as I share all things pretty and petite with you on my blog!

Providing online and off-line resources that help develop unique models to pursue a modeling career the right way. I achieve this by focusing on 3 important factors of a successful modeling career. 


Implementing a approach with an understanding that confidence comes from within. By focusing on building blocks that create a constructive modeling mindset allows models to learn how to build beautiful from the inside.


Elevating each model to feel and look comfortable in front of the camera through proper posing techniques. Knowledge of body elongation and correct body positions gives the model an opportunity to achieve powerful photographs.


Educating models on the professional aspects of the modeling industry. Teaching professional essentials that allow models to make positive decisions towards their modeling career.


Showing petite models how to enter the modeling industry with the skills and knowledge they need to be successful without the worry of height. By creating a environment that is encouraging to build confidence and a modeling mindset.


Expressing the possibilities for full figured models in the modeling industry. By creating a learning environment that gives proper knowledge of achieving an modeling career through a healthy mindset and lifestyle.

All Models

My modeling advice and tips are suitable for all aspiring models. I have created easy to follow and easy to apply tips that every aspiring models can apply to their modeling career.



Bloggers are models too! I believe in the true definition of a model and that is anyone or anything that is on display to other persons for prospective customers or viewers. I offer both online and on-set posing assistance for bloggers who want to take their photos to the next level.

Female Entrepreneurs

Are a new business owner or building your personal brand? I help female entrepreneurs from all walks of life who are using their talents to purse their passion. I care about helping you feel and look comfortable in your photographs for branding and business purposes. 

Confidence in Comfort

I believe that confidence lives on the inside of every one and this simple characteristic is what we need most. Having confidence can take your photos from a complete flop to fabulous. By finding comfort during photo sessions I can help bring out the confidence that you already posses. 

Model Development

Are you a model who wants to take your career seriously? Or do you have a group of models who need modeling direction? I work with aspiring and experienced models who are ready to take their modeling from a hobby to a career. Offering both online and off-line development resources that help build the confidence, skills and professionalism of each model.

Pose Coaching

Are your photographs being noticed by companies and agencies who are looking for models? Does your body positioning show that you are petite? I consult and direct models on the proper way to pose in their photographs online and off line. With the correct knowledge on how to position and elongate your body in your photographs enhances your modeling career.


I can bring my tips and advice to you! There is more to modeling that meets the eye. My passion and personable attitude creates the perfect learning environment at workshops, classes and events. I am able to cater my information to specific groups. 

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De’Ana Fierce is a self- described Petite Model guru, actress, and positive life advocate. A former Police Officer, De’Ana has channeled her passion to help others into creating the only Modeling Development specifically for unique models, The Modeling Standard. This is the online resource boasting free information that focuses on posing coaching, unique model development and most importantly, encouragement.

DE'ANA IS PASSIONATE ABOUT aspiring models too

Build their kind of beautiful from the inside. 

De’Ana has worked various ranges within the industry some of which include print, commercial, and acting. Her experience also includes working with popular companies such as  American Airlines, Mary Kay, and Elf Cosmetics to name a few. Her print publications experience includes Sheen Magazine, Sophisiticate’s Black Hair Magazine, and many more. De'Ana is a petite model residing in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. With over 6 years of experience in the modeling industry De'Ana brings the latest advice and tools to aspiring and experienced models.

Coming from the small town of Terry, Mississippi De'Ana knows what it takes to step outside of your comfort zone to achieve what others tell you is impossible. Her passion for modeling is unparalleled. She strives to inspire everyone by sharing honest tips that are fueled from her struggles and success.

When she not coaching you can find her at the local studio expanding her Yoga, Barre and Pilates skills. On the weekends she is taking mini road trips to travel and find the newest outdoor adventure.

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